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  1. I just love your Website. The blogs are captivating. The pictures alone made me want to see what the article was about.
    Your profile is amazing. To have all these interests and still have two restaurants is time worth the endeavor. You are fortunate to be able to travel and to have so many passions in your life. My next project, after I feel I am ready, working on my Website, I want to take up sewing. I read every night. I am sure love for classical music is one we share. Wonderful Website. Now, I am ready to read some of the articles in your blog.

    1. Dear, Judy, thank you so much for the nice comments about my website you wrote to me, I really appreciate, if you were living close each other I could teach you how to sew, I have seven sewing machines in my studio, and sometimes I will have students coming up to learn about some sewing techniques.
      Have an awesome weekend.

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