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Avoiding pain naturally, using organic herbal remedies.

Natural Vitamins and Herbs Since 1910

Hello, friends.


Welcome to my avoidpainaturalways.com website.

Helping people to avoid pain naturally is my goal by using Organic Herbal Remedies. I am dedicated to bringing solutions to everyone in need of healthy natural alternatives for a better living.

My name is Jacqueline. I have the pleasure of being part of Wealthy Affiliate community, branching out into a new venture. With the help of W.A., I hope to learn and develop ways to get in touch with you. And to inform you of ways to naturally reduce pain using Organic Herbal Remedies.  I have been interested in learning and experimenting myself with healthy products, supplements, and natural food products that are good for you.  I did a lot of research, including historical facts and I would like to share them with you.  https://avoidpainaturalways.com/a-guide-to-a-healthier-living/
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Maintaining a well-balanced body and mind is the key to a happy life.

"What you put in your body creates who you are long-term"

The first step for me was to create my www.avoidpainaturalways.com

I was born and raised in France. Spend many years in beautiful Greece.  I now live in California with my French Chef husband Yves Blondeau. We have a son, Sebastien who has a beautiful daughter Sarika.

Some of my passions:

I love to be outdoors and especially to maintain my garden. It is full of aromatic herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and beautiful flowers. The different scents and colors are most enchanting.  I also maintain many useful plants and herbs to delight our senses and enhance all aspects of our lives.

I also help friends with ideas on how to decorate their garden, what to plant and when.

I love to have large dinners at home with many friends, feasting on great recipes of my own.  Some of those I will share with you.  Of course, I will use

Jacqueline in her garden

certified organic local products as much as I can.  And herbs from the garden.

When my husband needs help with a banquet or catering I love to help him.  He has a great experience and I learn from him.

I have been a fashion designer and I participated in many art shows in Northern California. I am passionate about the textures and the colors of different fabrics. I have created my own line of "one of a kind", jackets, coats, hats, bags, belts etc.

My main passion and goal are to help people and to bring a little comfort in a natural way by using Organic Herbal Remedies.


Jaqueline Blondeau


28 thoughts on “Jacqueline Blondeau Story

  1. I really love your site. The usage of these colorful vegetables and spices just brings your site alive, almost like it is saying come try me because it looks so good.
    You appear to have done a great job helping people by explaining the positive affects that one can benefit from using these vegetables and spices as well as checking with their physician first.

    1. I read A word that is-resonating relativity on a real level. It is extremely brilliant, powerful thought, you give to a human being. Everyone should read your books, to remember how to resonate our reality on a real level.
      I am very impressed by your writing talent.

  2. I forgot to mention that it would be a good idea to explain the difference between prebiotic and probiotic.
    I think there are more people who are familiar with the probiotic term as a posed to prebiotic.

  3. Super website set-up. Your niche speaks volumes of your personal attributes and interests as also reflected in your ability to transform your website into a garden where you have planted a variety of good health-giving plants which people can learn to use.

    1. H, Taniela, Thank you so much for your comments, and in my next blog I will continue to talk about gardening, it is a perfect time to talk about, what kind plant we can grow into the garden.


  4. I really love your website setup Jacqueline. m The website is so vibrant and vivid, love all the pictures that you have used. I especially agree with your choice of subject matter, as I personally use many of the items that you exhibit.

    I am not sure that I would yellow as a color for the headings: Image Gallery and the Jacqueline Blondeau Story. I think that the words tend to get lost in the background.

    All in all, great website and great subject matter.

  5. Hi Jacqueline,
    Great topic. Very imaginative and inspirational website.
    health is most important. Alternative ways of healing or keeping you healthy, are more and more
    interesting for the people. The medicaments can help but a natural way of healing is, I think, best for the body.

    Wish all the best and success with your site and that many people find their interest in your niche.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Igor, thank you for visiting my site, and your great comment, I would say that the alternative ways of healing are the safest for you, if you understand how to use it in moderation and to prevent any condition.
      All the best to you.

  6. I like the Niche, almost the same as mine; a lot is expected from such a broad Niche and be prepared to make it meet the expectations! The cover photo and the overall design is great. I wish you all the best!

  7. Hi Jaqueline, I love everything about your website, it is very well detailed and very colorful. there is a lot I didn’t know about vegetables and spices that has really show me the value of these different vegetables and spices. I will be recommending this site to my family because my mom and grandmother have been searching for some information like you have on your website. I was really happy with all the content I have reviewed, I have learn new things today that I never would of thought I would learn. A very big thank you and I will be back to see new content and learn more. I am very interested please keep on with the great work.
    Tommy Bosse

    1. Thank you, Tommy, I really appreciate your comments about my article, comments like yours, give me the desire to go forward, I had always had the passion towards the natural remedy, learn always something new from the mother nature.
      All the best to you, thank you.

  8. I absolutely love the website Jacqueline. Good luck with this since its something we really need these days

  9. Oh My God, what a great post. I am a huge fan and follower of herbal medication and here I came across with this great article about avoiding pain naturally. i really loved the information your have shared and I am sure it will benefit many readers, thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah, for reading my article. I am glad I can share my passion with you, it is so beneficial to be able to heal yourself naturally.
      If you have a moment, read my new article, all about the benefit of sage.

  10. I’m a big fan of using natural methods to relieve pain. When I was growing up, people always said use tylenol or advil and I just didn’t feel like either did much of anything. I started avoiding them altogether. I’m now very holisitic in my approach to pain.

  11. Hi Jacqueline!
    What your site does is amazing and necessary. I’m really into organic foods and I am eager to learn with your site how to take advantage of the excellent natural remedies that the earth has to offer. With many histories of diabetes in my family and i have being able to live a healthy life only by taking care of the things i eat. I really hope to se more post about healing with organic foods.
    I will definitely be checking out your amazing site.
    Best regards.

    1. Thank you so much, Ben, for your nice comments and encouragements,like you say, the only way to stay healthy, is to have healthy eating habits, organic as much as possible, vegetables, fruits, and all the natural spices good for you. I certainly be posting more blogs about how you can heal yourself naturally.

      Take care.


  12. I like how you mention the Wealthy Affiliate community they are the best community for starting an online business without a doubt. It’s pretty cool to have read your story and that you are more biased towards natural remedies then pharmaceutical drugs. Share some of your recipes will ya. Its been a pleasure reading your site.

    1. Thank you, Erick, for taking the time to visit my website,If you look at my posts, usually I will put once a week a recipe, as I will probably do the same in my blogs in the near feature.

      I really appreciate your comments.


  13. Hi Jacqueline,
    I loved your story and was rather envious of the places you lived BTW.
    As an advocate of a Whole Food Plant Based (No Oil) lifestyle I would love to know your thoughts (and your chef husbands) on animal products and processed food. It would be an interesting discussion over a glass of wine.
    Fabulous that you have an organic herb and produce garden and can use fresh ingredients picked from it – they always taste much better that way.
    Off to check what supplements you recommend and for what ailments (not that I have any).

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi, Lawrence,thank you so much for visiting my website, and for the kind words, I really appreciate the comments.

      Well my thoughts about processed foods? I will always avoid eating this, a processed food that has been altered in some way during preparation processed. For many many people processed foods are very convenient, because you don’t need to spend time in your kitchen, but the convenient can mean large amount of hidden sodium, fats, and sugar, which are always bad for you.

      For example: Bacon, so delicious, when you cooked it smells so good!!!! but it has high level of sodium, and loaded with saturated fat, this is the lead to high blood pressure.

      Eating a diet heavy on processed foods is the quickest way to surrender good health and get sick, fat or both.

      The best way to eat healthier is to cook for yourself, simple delicious and it is fun to cook.

      Be well.


  14. Hi, Jacqueline!

    Your website is a paradise and so pleasant to visit. I have tried to eat healthy plant-based meals for the past 35 years. Like you, I avoid processed foods. I just turned 61 and I’m in pretty good shape, no meds, and no pain. Now that I’m getting older, I can see the damage processed foods have done to my friends and family.

    A very close friend appears to be addicted to fast food, which in my opinion is the worst processed food imaginable. She’s in her mid-fifties and nearly immobile because of join paint. Also, I suspect she has diabetes too, but will not get it checked.

    She knows she’s eating poorly. For years I have given her books on healthy eating and once paid a lot of money for her to attend a week-long conference on raw foods. She lost a lot of weight but quickly gained it back. I think she has profound emotional pain which she numbs with food. She’s at least 100 pounds overweight. How can I help her?


    1. Hi, Gary, thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I really appreciate your awesome comments.
      it is so sad, that some people don’t understand, how to avoid processed food, for many people, this kind of food is convenient but the convenience can be mean large amounts of hidden sodium, fats, and sugar which are always bad for you.
      To help your friend, I will recommend to her to eat Lacto-Fermented foods. the consumption of fermented, probiotic foods has many benefits.
      I am going to write a new article about that topic, I will release some recipes. Come back next week to read my new post.
      I hope I will be able to help your friend.

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