Control your blood pressure naturally


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Introduction to:

Many ways to control your blood pressure naturally,

using organic remedies.

The pressure of the blood in the circulatory system often measured for diagnosis. Because it is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat. As well as the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls.

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Even if you don’t have any apparent symptoms, you don’t think about checking your blood pressure right?.  Incidentally, you may not be a fan to doctor visits.  But please!  always keep in mind that you must take care of yourself.  Particularly by checking with your physician routinely.  But also by controlling yourself the state of your health.

However, having a healthy life, with proper nutrition. Regular exercise will also help you to avoid specific disorders.

Ginkgo biloba tree
Ginkgo Biloba tree

This uncontrolled lifestyle might lead to cardiovascular and brain function disorders.

Hypertension definition.

Having hypertension is one of the biggest silent killers on a global scale for both men and women.
Having hypertension means that the pressure to which your arteries pump blood from your heart to the rest of your organs is too high.

When your blood pressure is too high, it puts stress on the heart and could cause early issues.

Here’s the hard truth!

According to the Americain Heart Association, excessive levels of salts ( or sodium intake of more 1,500 milligrams per day ) can lead seriously to high blood pressure.

The other causes might be from the age or because you smoke.

Kidney function

You probably don’t think much about your kidneys?

Let me explain something.

You know your kidneys are essential in removing waste from your bloodstream ( and forming urine ).

If you have a problem with your kidney organ, Here you go!

Hypertension goes up! Your arteries become weak and stress your heart.
And you feel miserable!

Can you avoid that?

Well, the good news is that there are many ways to help bring down your blood pressure levels as well as fixing your hypertension.

Don’t be desperate!

If your doctor tells you your blood pressure is too high, think about changing something in your lifestyle.

  1. Look for a healthier diet,
  2. exercise regularly,
  3. avoid too much stress,
  4. take a break,
  5. have fun,
  6. spend time with your best friends,
  7. family,
  8. take it easy.

However, with the association of natural herbs and plants, there is hope.

I will present you some recommendations to follow in order to help to protect your precious health.

Let me tell you about the benefit of olive leaf for cardiovascular and brain function.

Olive leaves.

Can you believe, the leaf of the olive tree ( Olea Europaea ) was the first medicine in ancient Egypt, amazing!.

Ancient people from Egypt in the early 180 S. used crushed olives leaves for beverages, for lowering fevers.  Also, they used the olive leaf for mummification.

In the mid-nineteenth Century, the leaf was used in a tea for malaria treatment.

Look at some interesting facts.

  • Researchers believed the olive tree originated 6.000 to 7.000 years ago in the region of ancient Persia and Mesopotamia; an olive leaf referenced as medicine in the Bible.
  • You see, in traditional Moroccan Medicine, it was used to control diabetes and to stabilize blood sugar.
  • Studies found the Oleuropein in olive leaf, may prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Even shrink tumors in animals.
  • In a Study Published in the Journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Reseach in 2009.
  • The potent antioxidant ability of olive leaf extract inhibited cancer and endothelial cell reproduction.

And what about leaf extract?

Olive leaf extracts slowed cell growth linked with brain cancer, urinary bladder cancer, and breast cancer.

The Oleuropein in olive oil has anti-angiogenic and antioxidant effects. Therefore, it works to inhibit the migration and reproduction of advanced tumors cells.

What about the antiviral properties of the olive leaf?

Can prevent the common cold, and treat a virus that causes influenza and other respiratory conditions.

Studies also suggest that the olive leaf extract reduces chronic pain linked with osteoarthritis.

A 2003 Study published in mycoses said that the olive leaf extracts would kill nearly all bacteria examined.

Escherichia, e.coli ( E. coli )
Candida Albicans cells (that causes genital and oral infections).
Dermatophytes (that cause hair, skin and nail disease).
You see all the existing truth from the study; you have to believe.!

We all know that olives remain a staple food in countries like Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Morocco, due to its many health benefits.

Every single day, I will eat olives with my food, I know how beneficial they are!

But I have to tell you, about side effects from the olive leaf?

Potential side effects.

Clinical studies have not shown any severe side effects.
Occasional, olive leaves may cause dizziness in people with low pressure.
Stomach irritation, another side effects possible, especially if the tea is too strong.
In this case, dilute the extract with a carrier oil like coconut oil or add some water.

Let me tell you more about other ways to control blood pressure naturally.


CRATAEGUS OXYACANTA (known as hawthorn)

Do you want to know about CRATAEGUS OXYACANTA?

This well known medicinal plant also called (HAWTHORN ).
It is considered to be herbal heart tonics. Consequently, you should include it in your lifestyle. Because it is a cardiovascular system tonic and anti-hypertensive botanical.   It induces a standard blood lipid profile.

All over the world, research proves the hawthorn plant to be a safe and reliable plant. It is derivation for cardiovascular disorders, useful in treating respiratory illness, reducing stress.

How this plant look exactly?

Crataegus Oxyacantha ( Hawthorn ) is a small bush, grows to a height of 2 to 4 feet.
The plant has deciduous leaves; its flowers bloom from April to June
Have a strong smell, and are white.  The fruit is red, spherical and contains two or three nuts,

This plant grows in North America, North Africa, Central Europe, and Western Asia, in the Himalayas, Central and Southern France and the UK.


You can use the fowers parts, leaves, and fruits.

These CRATAEGUS berries have medicinal qualities. As well as having a high content of bioflavonoid, oligomeric procyanidins, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid triterpenes.

I can also tell you that It is a non-toxic herb. There are no known side effects of it, and it does not lead to dependence.

Therefore this CRATAEGUS  is safe to be used over an extended period.

The dosage range recommended in review literature is 160-900mg CRATAEGUS extract per day, in 2-3 divided doses.

Here are more facts

CRATAEGUS’s therapeutic actions come from the berries, flowers, and leaves.

The total complex of the plant is precious as a remedy for you, especially if you are dealing with circulatory and cardiac problems.
Therefore I will recommend to go ahead and include this medicinal herb in your life to stay fit and healthy.


ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM, (known as YARROW).                                                         

found this plant for you, the ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM, known as YARROW.

For this plant, I will stick to the basics here, and revisit this beautiful herb with more specific information in the future.

You can use Achillea in a variety of ways.

  • Make a tea, with this medicinal Yarrow; you can drink it, hot or cold for colds and cases of flu, two to three times a day.
  • Tinctures: For chronic congestion and high blood pressure.
  • Infused oil: For first aid healing ointments.
  • Essential oil: Anti-inflammatory for the skin,
  • Spray: The tincture of the herb can be sprayed on to varicose veins to tone and move stagnant blood.


Solidago Virgaurea (known as Goldenrod)

Common name European Goldenrod. is a fantastic, natural herb that offers the therapeutic solution for your kidneys.

Did you know that?

Goldenrod has diuretic properties that will help to release excess water from your body.
This herb irrigates the kidneys and helps to remove renal deposits.

Have you used Goldenrod before?
I will appreciate having a comment from your experience.

Finally, I would like to conclude with the GINKGO BILOBA

Or Maidenhair facts
Is the oldest tree species on heart, it is one of the top herbal treatment worldwide, I am so fascinated about these medicinal plants! You can benefit so much from a pure herb to heal yourself, in natural ways.

Here’s the Ginkgo’s is useful for anti-inflammatory antioxidant, improve memory and reduced symptoms related to multiple chronic diseases.
The Chinese people use this herb to treat a variety of medical conditions, especially circulatory problems.

And for people of all ages, its ability to increase vascular dilatation and improve the health of blood vessels.

How to make an infusion with all the herbs I have mentioned in my article?

You can blend these herbs together to make your tea.

  • Olive (leaf ) 40g
  • Crataegus oxyacantha ( Hawthorn ) Flowers 40g
  • Achillea Millefolium ( Yarrow ) Flowers 20g
  • Solidago Virgaurea ( Golden Rod ) Flowers 20g
  • Ginkgo Biloba ( Maidenhair ) Flowers 10g

Let’s infused it in hot water for fifteen minutes, and drink it every day, about one cup.

This information I provided to you is not intended to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any condition.
If you have any health problems or are taking any medication, you should seek advice from your healthcare provider prior to any change in your diet.

The purpose of my article is to try to help everyone by providing information about the natural way to treat yourself.

Be well.