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Should I Get a Standing Desk Converter? To Avoid Pain From Sitting all day.


My review of standing desk converters:

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Should I get a standing desk converter?

A few months ago, one of my friends saw me sitting in front of my computer for an extended period of time. She reacted by advising me to do something about it. My friend said that the body is not liking it and will start complaining.

She did not know at the time, but I was starting to develop some painful symptoms. My back and my neck started to hurt, and this was because of sitting too long in front of the computer.  She was right.

First off, I am not a medical professional or an ergonomic expert.  I am just someone who is passionate about finding ways to help people who are in pain.

The information in this article is purely informative.  And cannot be considered as medical pieces of advice.  No treatment should be initiated solemnly based uniquely on the content of this text.  It is highly recommended for the reader to consult health professionals.  The editor of this informative article does not practice medicine or any other therapeutic profession.


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Some recommendations.

My friend recommended me to purchase a standing Desk Converter.

I wasn’t sure at first if this Standing Desk Converter.  Will it help to avoid increasing pain from sitting all day.

But, she gave me a reason to start investigating further.

Which I did. I was surprised to find out the number of Standing Desks available on the market today.

What are the health benefits?

The big question which one is right for me?
So I looked up for further information.

This is part of what I found.

Thanks to this computerized society.  You probably know now that sitting behind your desk all day is terrible for your health.

Experts have long advising people to stand at their work’s stations for about fifteen minutes an hour.

But a University of Waterloo professor says his research shows.

That anyone should be standing for at least thirty minutes per hour to get health benefits.

What are the benefits of a Standing Desk?

Choosing to stand rather than sit?

  • Lowers your blood sugar
  • May reduce cholesterol
  • Keeps weight off

All of which decreases your risk to heart disease.

What happens if I stand too long?

Well, what’s more research shows that prolonged standing might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

That’s because standing too long can result in:

  • Blood pooling in the legs.
  • Increased pressure in the veins
  • Increased of oxidative stress

All of which can contribute to an increased risk.

How long should I stand per day?

Health experts have figure out how much time you should sit each day.

You may stand up while you read. This and a lot of other stuff I want to share with you today.

Experts now say:

You should start standing up at work for at least two hours a day.

Is standing in front of your desk good for your back?

Although a Standing Desk might improve back pain, it’s not a cure-all.

For example:

A Standing Desk might help improve your posture.

And take the pressure off your neck and lower back issue.

However, it’s not enough to correct more severe problems such as:

Scoliosis or sciatica.

Much standing or sitting can also aggravate lousy posture if you don’t pay attention to proper ergonomics.

Some Studies show that Standing Desks have an impact on your productivity.

That’s why it is essential to take the time to find the right Stand desk for you.

What is the correct way to stand at a Standing Desk?

Adjust your sit-stand desk to your ideal height standing.

Stand up straight while facing the desk.

Keep your shoulders back and allow them to relax.

With your arms hanging naturally by your side.

Bend your elbows at 90-degree angle.

You are keeping your neck neutral and your wrists straight in front of you.

Here 6 Tips to use a Standing Desk correctly.

  1. Alternate between sitting and standing, no doubt sitting too much is bad for your health.
  2. Adjust your desk and screen.
  3. Purchase an anti-fatigue mat.
  4. Change your keyboard and mouse position.
  5. Use arm supports.
  6. Remember to take breaks.

How to determine correct height for Standing Desk?

The steps to set your Standing Desk to correct height are:

  1. Stand up straight with your head toward the ceiling and shoulders slightly back.
  2. Hold your arms down by your sides and then bend your elbows to 90-degrees.
  3. Bring the desk up until your fingers gently touch the keyboard keys.

How do I measure for a Standing Desk?

Put your arms in position.

Rest your arms at your sides and bend your elbows so that your forearms are parallel with the floor.

Take note to measure your elbows height from the bottom’s floor.
That’s your perfect standing desk height.

There’s a lot of advice from several different sources on proper ergonomic.

But not all ” Experts ” seem to agree either due to outdated information.

How do I stop my shoulders from hurting at my desk?

But, please keep in mind to consult a trained professional if you are experiencing any irregular symptoms or pain.

  1. Practice a good posture, when sitting at your desk.
  2. Place your feet flat on the floor and keep your back flush against your chair.
  3. Take regular breaks and walks.

Do this simple exercise.

  1. Tuck your chin down
  2. Squeeze your shoulders blades together
  3. Link your arms behind you while squeezing your shoulder blades together
  4. Hold for a count of five
  5. Repeat several times a day


Standing is significantly “healthier than sitting”

Even if you feel like that the standing position is better than sitting.

Your body is continuously micro adjusting so that you don’t fall over.

This micro adjustment helps keep blood moving, preventing clots from forming.

And allowing stabilizer muscles to use.

What happens if my desk converter is too tall?

If your desk is too high, you’ll most likely overwork your shoulders and your arm muscles.

In particular. when your shoulder muscles are tense all day long.
The shoulder blades tend to ride up your ears and stay there indefinitely.

How tall am I?

What’s happening for all of us, shorter individuals like myself, I’m 5.2″
Well if you have a Desk that’s too tall then you get the chance to practice the following:

Your arms raised, even if You hold this position for a few moments.

You’ll feel uncomfortable, and what you do to your body is being in a stressful situation.

Is genuinely think it is essential that you’re considering all that I have mentioned above when deciding to buy a Standing Desk.

Here I am to help you find the best Standing desk for your comfort.

I happen to talk to many people recently.  I found out that the matters of the Standing Desk converter is becoming a big issue for the workforce.

I’m seriously considering purchasing one.  From the ones, I tried in my survey.

These people told me they have experienced a wide range of benefits from moving while they work.

The most common benefits of switching standing from sitting are:

  • Increase productivity
  • Better mood
  • Higher energy levels
  • reduced back and neck pain
  • Weight loss.

I’m going to show you a list of the best Standing Desk in a moment.

What I have found out there’s is a wide range of styles and prices for Standing Desks converters.

Laptop stands

There are laptop stands that you can buy under $ 100.  These you could use to hold your laptop when sitting on a couch.

But this position involves looking down at your screen, which puts pressure on your neck and back.

Standing Workstation

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Price range $100 – $200

This kind of Desks is mostly for medical professionals that don’t adjust to a sitting position.

Ergonomic experts don’t recommend standing all day, so mobile workstation is not a good solution for you.

Standing Desk Converters $100 – $400

Typically these are units you place on top of your existing desk.

The positive thing about converters is that they usually require little to no assembly.

Most converters usually are operated where you squeeze one or two levers on the sides of the top to raise it and lower it.

What I understand is that Standing Desk Converters are usually cheaper than a full desk.

But sometimes tabletops aren’t as large, and it can be difficult for you to put things on the top.

But some people are happy with it because it’s a great way to get you standing.

Electric Standing Desks $ 400 and the high end $ 2,500.

Typically these types of adjustable height desk electric are the most expensive.

Although, I believe they are the right thing if you consider electric sit-to-stand-desks.
They usually can hold the most amount of weight.

Think about this when you’ve multiple monitors to put on your desk.

It could add more heaviness if you add books for example.

Here is my list of what I have selected for you to look at:

First review:

The 29″ Black-Ele Tab standing desk Converter Sit to Stand up Desk Riser Ultra Slim Desktop.

And you can find it at an affordable price on Amazon.
Price: 109 USD
Free Shipping
Size: 29″
Color: Black


The top surface measures 29″ providing plenty of space for monitor and laptop.

This is a Sit-Stand Desk.
The height adjustable standing desk allows you to have to work in a more ergonomic and comfortable position.

Quick Transition: Easily raise the height of your tabletop workstation from 1,5″ to 16.”

Slim Shape design of black-Ele tab Desk
Lightweight and durable structure.

Lifting mechanism allows a computer work station to elevate straight up.

The work area
The top surface measures 29.” providing plenty of space for monitor and Laptop setup.

PROS: Zero assemblies, ready to use in seconds, place on the existing desk.

It rises and lowers so smoothly by using two handles.

The cool thing, there are several points of height at which you can adjust it, based obviously on your height.

CONS: Some people found that the features described are not accurate.

For someone, while you can “technically” adjust it between 1,5″ and 16″ is okay but the number of adjustments isn’t precise.


Second review:

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The Ele Tab-Sit to Stand Dual desk Layer.

Product: Ele Tab 32″ Black

Price: 149.99 USD
Free shipping with Amazon Prime.


This Standing Converter offers a quickly adjustable transition from sitting to stand during your work’s day.

From 4.2″ to 19.7.”

The weight of the unit is 30.4″

The surface of this desktop workstation measures 31,5″x 15.7″ plenty of space for monitor setups.

The 11.8″ x 31.3″ can be removed and keep keyboard and mouse by the side.

This Ele Tab Dual- Layer has a steel frame combined with innovative gas spring power.

The weight capacity can hold up to 33 lbs.

PROS: This workstation is solid as a rock.

High-cost performance.

Easy to press the side handle and it glides up smoothly, convenient for a small person.

If you are petite under 5″3, you won’t need to extend it up.

CONS: The shelves have a slight sheen, they do collect some minor fingerprints though.

give a tiny bit of wiggle while typing in the fully raised position.
But not enough to bother while you work.

Usually, the cost of this Ele Tab Standing Dual-Layer desk is:
But considering the fact, you can buy it today for $149.99 on Amazon Prime with the option of having a 10% coupon reduction.

Third review

FlexiSpot Standing Desk. 41″ Cubicles corner #M4B.

Price: $350.00 USD

If you have the need to place two larger monitors, I suggest you might look for this FlexiSpot #M4B.

It has ergonomic benefits for every height whether you are 5.1 or 6.1.  You can comfortably shift from sitting to standing with different height levels.

Lots of space.

Smooth and easy adjustments.

It also has a removable keyboard tray.


Fits most standard cubicle corners.

Extra deep desktop.


Some users found the keyboard tray not been deep enough for a standard keyboard.



I think dealing with some of the CONS are worth it, even if you need to do a little bit of assembly.
I am comparing the Ele-Tab 29″, which have less space tabletop, than the Ele-Tab-Dual-Layer Desk.
And the difference in the price between these two Standing desks is not much.
Ele-Tab-Dual-Layer Desk is versatile enough for people of all sizes.
Honestly is worth the money and can compete with more expensive versions with no problem.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this Ele-Tab-Dual-Layer Desk, please leave a comment below.

Thank you



12 thoughts on “Should I Get a Standing Desk Converter? To Avoid Pain From Sitting all day.

  1. Thank you for these reviews, Jacqueline.
    There is no doubt that ergonomic factors have become a big consideration in both company and private work spaces over the past few years, as more and more people suffer from the effects of our sedentary lifestyle, exacerbated by the widespread use of computers in every walk of life.
    Much research has gone into the benefits of mixing standing and sitting while working and your article has highlighted some of these.
    For instance, it never occurred to me that one of the benefits of standing was that your muscles are continually making micro-adjustments to maintain your balance and this exercise contributes towards increased blood circulation as well as having other benefits.
    Including of course reduced neck and back pain, two things that are the curse of modern life for both the older and younger generation. It’s no wonder that chiropractic is a growth industry, along with pharmaceutical treatments that usually have unwanted side effects.
    Most companies now realize that a healthy, comfortable, happy workforce is a major contributor to productivity and are willing to invest in expensive ergonomic devices, such as high-end electric sit/stand desks.
    But we also have a need for these at home.
    I was unaware of the many affordable options available. The products you have reviewed do look excellent and I will be investigating them further for my own use.
    Thanks again, Jacqueline, for this valuable information.

    1. Hi, Phil, I really appreciate your valuable comments, I believed that the majority of people are dealing with, sitting/standing while working, and often accommodate to their workstation rather the other way around. For instance, many people including myself sometimes strain to see a computer monitor that is too far away, too low, too high, too small or too dim. This compromises good posture, resulting in having back or neck pain.

  2. Jacqueline, thank you for this review. A few years back I found out I had a blood clot in my leg, I was laid up for quite a while and I found out later that it was most likely from sitting too much. Your article is right on spot! I’m sitting in my recliner right now with my laptop. I think it would be a relief to be able to stand some of the time.

    Although I’ve seen these Standing Desks Converters, I really never thought about the benefits until I read your article. I didn’t know that standing could help with losing weight. Thank you also for the abundance of practical information.
    I was looking at the Ele Tab- Sit to Stand Dual desk Layer. Do you know what the weight is? This may be the one I would purchase. I may be visiting your site again for purchase info.

    David W.

    1. Hi, David, thank you for taking your precious time to read my article, I really appreciate your comments. When sitting at your desk and working it’s easy to forget the time you’ve been sitting for too long, that’s why the Standing desk might be helping you to alternate between sitting and standing in that way you can avoid having neck or back pain and blood circulation.
      I think the 29″ Ele Tab weight is 26 pounds and the Ele Tab 32’s weight is 30.4 lbs.
      Thank you.


  3. Jacqueline, thanks so much for the detailed and we’ll informative article. I’ve learned a lot from your article.

    The use of a standing desk converter is very important and necessary considering the benefit it offers. Standing desk reduce blood sugar level, the more your sugar level increase after meal, the worst is it for your health, although research has shown that exercise reduce calories and sugar level quickly in the body via sweat, simple choosing to stand instead of sitting can be very beneficial to your health.

    Also, standing help to lower risk of heart disease, the idea of standing is better than sitting was proposed in 1953 following a research that proved that a bus conductors who stands all day long has a lower risk of heart disease compared to their colleagues at the driver’s seats. Standing is really important and beneficial to one health.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great post.

    1. Hi, Ayockson, I’m glad you’ve found some interest by reading my review on how to use a standing desk converter, it is so important to maintain good health, especially when you’ve to work at your desk for so long hours, and were sitting too long is so bad for you.

      Thank for your great comment.


  4. Jacqueline,

    I have been considering purchasing a sitting/standing workspace for some time now. This article has raised my awareness level knowing the benefits of having one. Ergonomically chairs were
    purchased in the last place where I was employed. These did help with comfort sitting behind a
    desk all day long for 9 hours plus a day some days. Considering the advancement made knowing
    proper posture from the experts even if they do not always agree, I feel the standing/sitting work
    stations are going to become more popular as time goes on. With the type of work I am doing now
    this was perfect timing to land on your article reviewing the standing/sitting work stations that
    are available. Due to expansion with equipment, I will require for my business in the future the
    Ele-Tab-Dual-Layer Desk thanks to your research will be the investment for me.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi, Susie, I really appreciate your comments, and I am glad that my review gave you interesting information about the aternative between sitting and standing, especially working long hours every day as you do, I believe is a great investment for your health.
      Thank you.

  5. Hi Jacqueline
    Thank you for such an informative article. I have some back issues and some days are positively uncomfortable because I have sat for too long. I shall be having a look at this option for sure.
    A question for you please, I work with two very large screens (due to the industry I am in), are there desks that can accommodate this?

    1. Hi, Louise, thank you for your comment, you will need to check out what is the measurement of your screens if you have monitor 27″ and 24″, then you might look for Flexispot Standing desk-41.
      It has ergonomic benefits for every height whether you’re 5″1 or 6″1 you can comfortably shift from sitting to standing with different height levels.
      The good part with Flexispot standing desk-41 fit in most standard cubicle corners.
      Surface size: 41×31,5×19,7 inches, and weight 53 pounds.
      It has extra deep desktop plenty of space to accommodate a laptop computer monitor, paperwork, and more, some people will complain that the keyboard tray is not deep enough for a standard keyboard.
      This Flexispot will cost you more compare the Ele Tab but it will fit your large monitors.
      I did a Third Review for this special Dual Monitor Flexispot Standing Desk if you go back to my article/review you’ll see the link.
      If you have more questions about stand desk, please let me know I will be more than happy to answer you.

  6. Thanks for the informative post! Honestly, I find this article very helpful especially for someone like me who sits for so long in front of the computer writing, publishing and doing other things every day using a computer. No wonder I’ve recently started feeling some pains in my back! Though it was unknown to me that the long sitting hours could be so responsible for this, I keep thinking that my hours of sitting in front of the computer daily might be complicating the issues for my health.

    Kudos for recommending the standing desk converter and for categorically stating the health benefits of using it! I’ll surely check it out and consider owning it in earnest so as to improve my health.

    Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Hi, Israel, I really appreciated your precious time to read my article and leave your comment, thank you so much. I’m happy to see that this review could help you to understand how important it is the standing/sitting that can have a health benefit for your back.

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