The best ways to detoxify your body naturally after the holidays.


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The Best Ways to Detoxify Your Body after the holidays.

What are toxins? how do you get them and why are too many bad for your body?.
Often caused by overeating, indigestion and self-indulgence abuse.

Detoxify your body:

Today I want to share with you what I believe are the best ways to detoxify your body naturally. Especially after the holiday season.

In this article, I will go into more details about what is the purpose of detoxing?

  • Is it necessary to detoxify?
  • How long should I detox for?
  • How often should I cleanse my body?
  • Do detoxing works?
  • How do I know if I need to detoxify?
  • What are the symptoms of too many toxins in my body?
  • How do I know if my liver is not functioning properly?
  • How do I detox my liver naturally?
  • What food to avoid while detoxing?
  • What should I eat during a body cleanse?

Read more to find out the best ways to cleanse your body.


I love the holiday seasons, because of the tasty and deliciously warm, rich, sweet and so appealing food.

The vision of tables full of delicious food is incredibly tempting.
How anyone can resist that? Not me, what about you?

Since I took advantages of these exceptional dishes, I think it is time for me, to return to my healthy eating habits.

I mean more reasonable, and better-balanced food preparations, but no less delicious!

What happens in your body after the excess of the holidays?

Let me explain a bit to you:

When having big, huge meals too often, overeating slows your digestion food process.

That usually will cause you to have gas, feel exhausted.

While eating rich food and too much of it, you have to know your organs have to work harder.

They secrete extra hormones and enzymes to break the food down.

As the result, the more you eat the more hydrochloric acid your stomach will produce.

Therefore, overeating will bring the acid back up into your esophagus.

Resulting in heartburn, and believe me is not the best feeling you can have after a big enjoyable meal!



Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood.

This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver when toxins are in it for elimination.

Thankfully the body is a powerful system for eliminating unwanted chemicals.

Normally, the liver is one of your body’s most essential organs to help get rid of bad substances and toxins.

But when eating too rich and too much food for a long period of time then.

You Should Consider detoxifying your body at the beginning of the year.

This is necessary for:

  1. Eliminating fats and sugars accumulated during the holidays.


  2. Recovering from the excess of alcohol.
  3. Erasing the bags under your eyes.
  4. As well as improving the moisture of your skin.
  5. Find new energy for the year begins, it is a good thing don’t you think?

Did you know?

Between mid-November and mid-January, people gain an average of one and ten pounds each year.

Consequently, you need to eliminate rapidly the extra pounds you have gained.

The more you wait to lose those unwanted pounds, the harder it will be for you.

That’s why the necessity to detoxicate from time to time is worthwhile for you.


How long should I detox for?

I would say three to seven days is long enough. That’s usually what I do.

But if it feels good for you to do it longer there’s nothing to say you can’t.

To continue detoxing for twenty days or thirty days is up to you!

How often should I cleanse my body?

First of all, if you detox for too long or even too often.  You can lose valuable nutrients along with toxins

and leave your body to impoverish.

For this reason, I do not recommend doing a “full-on”  “cleanse” more than two to three times a year.



How do I know I need to detoxify?

My recommendation:

If you have experienced 4 or more of the following symptoms over the past 3 months, it’s possible that you might have a

congested liver that needs detoxing.

Some symptoms you may have:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Bad breath/ white or yellow coating on your tongue
  • Abdominal bloating/gas
  • Low energy/mental fog
  • Moodiness
  • Insomnia
  • Skin reactions

Always check with your doctor to eliminate any possible medical conditions as causes of these symptoms.


These symptoms will tell you if you have liver disorder:

Weight loss
Jaundice ( yellow skin and eyes )
Dark urine or light stools

Normally, your liver is the main detoxification organ because it acts as a filter for toxins and bacteria in the blood.

Above all, it chemically neutralizes toxins converting them into substances that can be eliminated by the kidney.




By eating well and exercising:

1. Garlic helps activate the liver detox enzymes.

2. Beets, especially beet juice.

3. Organic apples.

4. Broccoli sprouts.

5. Fermented foods

6. Walnuts

7. Eat a balanced diet

8. Use alcohol responsibly.

9. Avoid absorbing toxins present in process food.

10. Exercise regularly.

Does detoxing work?

Some precautions:

Just like anything else, you have to be careful because of having a strict diet, limited to, juice, lemon, and soups only.


That is too radical and simply won’t work!

Keep in mind eating fat-free cabbage soup, and eating it over and over the same food.

You will, certainly feel miserable and obviously unbalanced.

Cleansing your body doesn’t mean you have to starve it right?


Don’t forget, a healthy diet whether for cleanse or weight loss or not.

It also requires eating a good balance of healthy foods, to get enough vitamins and mineral your body needs.



By having consistent fatigue, even if you’re sleeping well, you may feel weak.

Stubborn weight gain.
Sensitivity to scents.
Muscles and pains.
Itchy skin.

Having this kind of symptoms, it will be wiser to see your physician.


What food to avoid while I detox my body?

The worst foods for you in a detox diet are:

Alcohol and

Because, the meat will slow down your digestion, obstruct the bowels and consequently will help bacteria to breed in your guts.

Likewise, milk, cheese, and other dairy products are mostly acidic to your body.

Leading poor cell function, furthermore slowing down detoxification.


The Food on the Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine recommends a certain amount of fluids


to make your body run normally and remove waste.

If you are female the recommendation is 2.7 liters daily or around 91 ounces.

As a man, you need at least 3.7 liters, which is 125 ounces per day.

Therefore focus on:

Hydrate, keeping your body properly hydrated will encourage oxygen to flow properly throughout your body.

Beverages you should drink:

Infused water
Rice milk
Almond milk
Hemp milk
Coconut water
Lemon with water
Herbals teas, such as rooibos, cinnamon tea, ginger tea.


Green tea, white tea
Kombucha ( prefer unsweetened )
Juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Foods recommended while you detox your body.

Probably these veggies are the best for you:

Cruciferous vegetables such as:

Brussels sprouts
Bananas are extremely good to help your body get rid of toxins.

Eggs and beans are a good addition during a detox meal.

Fresh organic free-range eggs are the best!

In addition, hard-boiled eggs add 7g high protein which is perfect for you, don’t you think?


If you are done with your detox period of time, you should consider introducing gradually a small number of new foods.

New post-detox diet.

The first day.

  • Consider eating mainly vegetables, either raw or lightly steamed,
  • fruits and nuts.
  • Try to start your day by having a glass of warm water, adding freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • It is important to keep your portion small.
    Also, avoid sugar, coffee, wheat.

For your dinner,

Eat a small, light meal around 6 pm finish your meal with fresh fruits.

The next few days:

You probably can include fiber, such as beans, brown rice or quinoa.

  • Think about having 5-6 small meals
    Eat fresh vegetables raw or steamed, such as celery, carrots, salads, vegetable soup.
  • In addition, to your veggies soups equally important, Don’t hesitate to use aromatic herbs, fresh or dry for the favor and nutritional purpose.
  • Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your juice for extra fiber
  • Fresh fruits, nuts, extra virgin oil, coconut oil, and spices.
    You also can have a slice of bread for breakfast or pasta for lunch.

After a few days, you can slowly add to your plate some of this food:

  • Meat
    Poultry or
    Fish if you want
    Quinoa, rice
    Organic yogurt


Healthy recommendations:

  1. Focus on drinking plenty of water with lemon.
    I always start my day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice and ginger.
  2. In general, avoid drinking water with meals because it dilutes stomach acid and leads to poor digestion.
  3. To emphasize, eating sugar in exaggeration creates a cycle of low blood sugar and intensify hunger.

All things considered, after your detox diet you should feel fantastique!
Here my advice for you to keep you to feel great inside out.

In the final analysis, a healthy eating habit gives your body the nutrients it needs every day.

A healthy diet emphasizes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fat-free products

Don’t forget to drink a glass of water a half hour before meals.


Get rid of the toxins by staying away from process food.
Plan to exercise every day to stay in a good shape.

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This information I provided to you is not intended to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any condition.
If you have any health problems or are taking any medication, you should seek advice from your healthcare provider prior to any change in your diet.