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In today’s new article, I will talk about ways to improve blood circulation in your legs and to avoid numbness and tingling in your feet.




Possible causes of poor blood circulation in your legs and feet.

What causes poor circulation in My Legs and Feet?
There are plenty of reasons.

Cause # 1

1-Are you suffering from sciatica?  (Low back pinched nerve)

That can be the cause of numbness and tingling.


Or muscle weakness in the affected leg.


Then, It is essential to seek medical attention in these situations.

Because of the compression to the nerve.
In a long-term can permanently damage your nerve, and stop functioning correctly.

Cause # 2

Another most common of the numbness is direct compression of the nerves of the foot.

It might be, due to footwear from your shoes.

Perhaps, you may have had some injury to your foot a while back?

You have to be aware of foot’s sore, because
of the nerve damage, called Neuropathy, that leads to having poor circulation.


Cause # 3

As an illustration, you’re suffering from having:

a) Diabetes

b) Peripheral vascular disease.

Do you know what the peripheral ( P.A.D. ) disease is?
P.A.D. is atherosclerosis which is a disease that plaque builds up in your arteries.

Also, Diabetes can contribute to foot pain; symptoms can include burning or tingling.

Furthermore, cause # 4


One of the worst things you can do, in my opinion, is continually sitting in front of the TV or a desk for an extended period without moving.

Did you know that?

Sitting too long can cause your blood to pool in your legs?

Therefore lead to poor circulation throughout your body.

Understand the too much sitting slows down your circulation.

In that case, your blood remains in your legs and your feet.

Here what Scientists say about sitting too long does to your body.

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Also sitting behind your desk all day is terrible for your health.

And experts are trying to advise people to stand at their workstations for about fifteen minutes per hour.

Useful precautions.

From the University of Waterloo, a Professor’s Research shows.


That person should be standing for at least thirty minutes per hour to get health benefits.

The study recommends that those who sit daily for an average of eight hours should try to exercise one hour daily at least!

While those who sit six or less should aim for half an hour of exercise.

Cause # 5

Age factor.  As you age, you have a less active lifestyle, or maybe having certain medical conditions that could affect the blood flow in your legs.

How to improve this condition?

There are many different ways of improving circulation in your legs.
And reduce numbness in your extremities.

When your limbs can’t get enough blood, your hands or feet may feel cold or numb.

Get medical attention immediately, exercise, look for best oils massage, increase blood flow by eating proper nutrients and vitamins in your diet.

What are the symptoms of poor circulation in my legs and feet?

a) Numbness
b) Tingling
c) Swelling in the lower extremities
d) Cognitive dysfunctions
e) Digestive problems


f) Fatigue
g) Join pain and muscle cramping
h) Skin color changes.


The pain is the result of a decrease in blood flow to your legs.

How do I test for poor blood circulation?

Aside from the physical exam to detect pain and swelling.

Your Doctor may order:

1- An antibodies blood test to detect inflammatory conditions such as:

2- Raynaud’s disease ( smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrows)

3- A blood sugar test for diabetes

4- Blood testing to look for high levels of D-dimer concentration to help diagnose thrombosis.
5- An ultrasound or CT Scan.

Do you know what circulation test is?

Have you had this test before?
A Doppler ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves.
To measure the amount of blood flow through your arteries and veins.

This physical exam can help you to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions.


Therefore don’t neglect to see your doctor if you have some of these symptoms that I’ve mentioned above.

How can I improve circulation in my legs while sitting?

Well. while sitting, a good idea is to lift your feet and set them down.

Repeat until your legs are comfortably tired.

Do it again after ten minutes and continue doing this routine for about an hour or so.
I have been doing it all the time when sitting at my desk.
And trust me, this exercises your calves and will help prevent blood clots from developing in your legs.

Although, walking is a simple low-impact exercise that can help you.

To increase blood circulation throughout your body.

Not to mention walking is the best way to increase muscle contraction in your legs but

Any exercise that gets your heart rate up is going to improve circulation.

Indeed, in time, walking can also strengthen your heart and improve overall cardio health

What about stretching?


Here is another type of exercise to help your circulation.
Stretching improves circulation by increasing blood flow to your muscles.

As a result, when you have better circulation.
Your body recovers faster by removing waste byproducts in your muscles tissue.

Another positive point of stretching also helps you to calm your mind

And eventually, reduce your stress levels.

How can I increase blood flow naturally?

Here are the best foods you can eat to free your arteries from building up plaque.

Eating oranges and other citrus fruits because they are high in vitamin C

It is known as a natural blood thinner.

Also, Doctors said citrus is the best to strengthen capillary walls and prevent plaque build-up.



Which often leads to poor circulation.

I would recommend eating:

Dark chocolate, so good for you!

Add cayenne pepper in your dishes.

Sunflower seeds, every day!

Use ginger root as often you can, add to soup or fish!

Garlic? Don’t be afraid of adding garlic to your salad.
Eating garlic is thought to have health benefits.
One of which is possible blood-thinning properties.


If you’re taking blood-thinning medications already.  Please talk to your doctor to find out how much garlic you can eat.


Do not forget eating asparagus!

I hope you like to eat asparagus because it is one of the best foods to cleanse your arteries.

  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Fatty fish
  • olive oil
  • Watermelon
  • Turmeric

Here more best food to eat to increase blood flow.

Leafy greens, like spinach and collard greens, are so high in nitrates.

Dietician says:

Eating leafy green, help to dilate blood vessels.
You are allowing your blood to flow more smoothly.


What is the best vitamin to take for blood circulation?

Vitamin D

Also known as ” the Sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D has many benefits; these benefits include.
It is keeping the cells that line the blood vessels healthy.

  • L-arginine (amino acid)
  • Ginseng
  • Yohimbe (aphrodisiac)
  • Horny goat weed

Time to talk about massage don’t you think?

Please remember to drink a lot of fresh water when receiving a massage.

In reality, massage helps circulation and increase the blood flow in your leg.

What direction should I massage my legs?

When working on the limbs in deep massage, it’s best to apply pressure as you move toward your heart.

That means going up your leg for instance instead of going down.



Then when you apply deep pressure towards the heart.
That will help to keep the blood in that direction.

Which massaging oil is best for blood circulation?

My selection for you are:



1-Eucalyptus essential oil works to promote better circulation by relaxing the blood vessels.

2- Rosemary essential oil

3- Coriander essential oil

4- Frankincense essential oil

5- Geranium essential oil

I will advise you to mix the essential oil with the carrier oil.
Using up to 10% dilution is generally safe with consideration of age.

essential oils


To make a 3% dilution mix three drops of essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil.

For ten drops of essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil.

As a carrier oil, you can use Jojoba oil is a good option as it will help to dissolve sebum

And will carry healing essentials deep into the pores without leaving the feeling oily or greasy.

What about lymph drainage massage?

What exactly is lymph?
Lymph is a fluid that flows through vessels and nodes of your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a network of organs.
Vessels and lymph nodes situated throughout your body.
Many lymph nodes are in your head and neck region.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage knew as (MLD)

This unique type of massage is often for lymphoedema. ( inflammation of the limb )

commonly called the arms and the legs respectively.


In addition to improving lymphatic circulation.
MLD also increases blood flow in deep and superficial veins.

The goal of lymphatic massage on the legs is to open up the lymphatic vessels to let excess fluid drain back up into the lymph nodes.

You have to know that lymphatic drainage massage is a highly specialized massage technique that targets the lymphatic system.

How often should lymphatic drainage be done?

If you are physically active daily, massaged people recommend:
Two to four massage sessions within a month at least four times per year.

You can practice yoga and deep breathing exercise to boost circulation that will help you out to relax.

My conclusion;

Try to reduce numbness and tingling in your feet, get medical attention, exercise daily look for best massage therapy, increase blood flow by eating proper nutrients in your diet, practice deep breathing every day to improve your blood circulation.


Important information.  I am not a medical professional or a liver organ expert.  I am just someone who is passionate about finding ways to help people who are in pain.

The information in this article is purely informative.  And cannot be considered as medical pieces of advice.  No treatment should be initiated solemnly based uniquely on the content of this text.  It is highly recommended for the reader to consult health professionals.  The editor of this informative article does not practice medicine or any other therapeutic profession.

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