What is Qigong Good For? #unlock Qi vital energy nodes in your body.


What is Qigong Good For?

#Unlock Qi Vital Energy nodes in your body.

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First off, I am not a medical professional or a liver organ expert.  I am just someone who is passionate about finding ways to help people who are in pain.

The information in this article is purely informative.  And cannot be considered as medical pieces of advice.  No treatment should be initiated solemnly based uniquely on the content of this text.  It is highly recommended for the reader to consult health professionals.  The editor of this informative article does not practice medicine or any other therapeutic profession.

Qigong Introduction.

In this article “What is Qigong good for?”  You will discover how to unlock Qi vital energy nodes in your body.


For instances:

  • To reduce your stress
  • To lessen your chronic pain
  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Boosting your energy
  • As well as having more flexibility coordination and muscle strength.

Through the technique of breathing and boosting your energy.

You will activate the circulation of your blood and of the Qi, and restore the balance of your body.

Here is a great video to learn some gestures.

Ba Duan Jin: Eight Pieces of Brocade ( check out the video )

I’m going to tell you about these fantastic healing power gestures that you can practice everywhere every day.

Whatever your health state even if you are in a wheelchair.

You can practice Qigong to unlock Qi vital energy in your body.

Qigong can be used by anyone wishing to improve their health.

Unlock Qi vital energy and longevity is the best way to treat yourself.

It is obvious that when you’re suffering from pain, wounds, or whatever diseases this will create energic nodes (knots).

These knots block the flow of your vital energy.
Therefore cause you such pain in your body.

Please review one of my previous articles.

Some historical facts about Qigong?

But, let me explain to you first, what Qigong means?

Qigong ( pronounced Chee-Gong ) is an ancient Chinese healing technique.

It usually involves meditation, controlled breathing and movements exercises.

Qi is a concept from traditional Chinese culture that means vital energy.


Did you know that?

These gestures exist in China for millennia under the name of the Science of Qigong.

In the parks in front of their house or even at the factory the Chinese are millions to practice Qigong every day.

It consists of very varied movements, but always performed very slowly and you do them without effort.

Qi and Gong gentle movements do much more than a stretch your ligaments and muscles.

Firstly, Qigong benefits its practitioners by improving balance.

Making your joints and muscles more fluid and allow your entire body to relax.

The flow of energy through your body will also fortify your joints.

As well as your bones by making them stronger and naturally healthier.

Most effective practices.
Think about these gentle gestures to practice.  Especially, if you’re suffering from:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Eye problems
  • Diabetes
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Asthma
  • Profound deficiency of immunity

Seriously, by practicing Qigong postures will help whatever condition you may have.


To get some important relieve.

As an illustration:


For the treatment of hypertension several Studies including the following meta-analysis.

This study performed twelve critical trials on more than 1 000 participants.  It then confirmed the beneficial effects of Qigong on blood pressure.

The American Foundation on Osteoarthritis also recommends these practices to reduce inflammation and increase flexibility.

Important to realize as well how these gentle gestures are so beneficial for your immune system.

For the production of your immune cells such as:

  • Monocytes
  • Lymphocytes
  • and NK5 cells

Also, for the symptoms of diabetes.

According to the American Foundation of Diabetes
These gestures practice lead to a drop in blood glucose level.  This is amazing isn’t?


Even more amazing is the proven improvement to the quality of life of people with cancer.

These particular exercises have high power to influence the state of fatigue and mood of cancer patients.

To relieve back pain.

By practicing precise Qigong exercises will release blocked energy.

When you feel the pain in the lower back, that will often lead to intense fatigue.


In Chinese Medicine, this pain is the result of a blockage of QI in the kidneys.

These organs are a direct connection to the knees.

That’s why to relieve back pain problems you will practice precise Qigong exercises that release blocked energy.

My example.

I have always suffered to a greater degree in my lower back.

Since I started to practice these gestures, I don’t have pain anymore.

Therefore I encourage you strongly to practice Qigong; you will see the benefits of your health in general.

A beginner’s guide to the Qigong practice.

But to get the benefits of Qigong, I would recommend doing at least thirty minutes a day.


You might be thinking that you don’t always have the time to exercise regularly.

Perhaps then you can split the time into two parts.

Practice Qigong for 15 minutes in the evening before going to bed.

Then 15 minutes in the morning.

The practice of Qigong allows you to wake up your body gently.
And gradually boost your energy.

For ten years of Scientific Studies in this field have multiplied, and confirmed the effectiveness of actions that unlock vital energy.

Can Qigong be dangerous to practice?

Qigong can be dangerous with the wrong practice or done the wrong way.

However, it is generally safe to learn from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher.

How many types of Qigong are there?

These are the four different Qigong.

Each of them aims at attaining a clear and calm state of mind and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But, there are more than a thousand of Qigong forms.

What is Qigong breathing?

Breathing correctly

Qigong breathing is base on Taoist breathing methods.

That focus on returning the way we breathe to what is in harmony with nature.

These methods focus on creating a circular breath that starts from the belly and is relaxed.

How do I unlock my inner Chi?

1- Firstly relax your body and mind, if this is your first time performing this exercise find a distraction-free environment.

2- Stand in a martial arts horse stance.

3- Exit the horse stance, and straight.

4- Move your palms toward and away from each other, as if gently squeezing a small beach ball.

Let me explain about the position of horse stance.

It is an essential posture in Asian Martial Arts and takes its name from the position assumed when riding a horse.

It is called Mabu in Chinese, Kibadachi in Japanese.

What is the difference between Qigong and Tai Chi?

The Qi of Chi of Qigong means energy.

The Chi of Taichi does not!

In Tai Chi, the Chi means “ultimate.”

I heard that people are more familiar with the name of Tai Chi than Qigong.

Wang zhi ping school many students

And commonly do not make much difference between them.

Primarily, the movements of Tai Chi are more for fighting.

In comparison, Qigong movements are for improving your health.

Though many people love these Tai Chi movements for their grace and it will have some health benefits but far less than practicing Qigong.

Although many forms of Qigong are usually more accessible
than Tai Chi, because it is more focused on soothing and balancing your nervous system.

Consistency and dedication in practice are the keys.

The point here is whether you have the determination and dedication to pursue one of these skills for many years, did you hear that?
Yes for many years!

And have the willpower to practice every single day, then you’re going to see benefits out of it.
But again like everything, it takes a long dedication.

I’m sure you like to know how long it will take for you to become a Qigong expert?
Well, no one in China will ever call themselves an “expert.”

Qigong is not about time. You have to know the fact that some people are practicing each day very intensely spending hours and not gaining any real benefit.

Comparing some others who say they practice fifteen minutes twice a day.

By exercise daily, is the way you’ve to do, with determination and dedication to be able to get some great results!

Great documentation.

I have chosen for you a list of Qigong forms ( over the three thousand).
Here to look at:

Ba Tian Qigong

Bend the Bow Spinal Qigong

Chan Mi Gong
Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa


According to the traditional teachings of Qigong
Beginners first learn physical movements coordinated with breathing techniques.
They practice sets of exercises ( similar to Tai Chi ) until each movement or gesture is perfect.

I recommend you to take a look at these links
You can watch this 7 minutes video.
Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu and Global Community.

You can browse as well the website:
Dragon Mountain Martial Arts Academy.

And remember the most important thing is to find a good teacher that fits you.

With whom you feel have constructive energy.

In conclusion:

When you’ve found the best Qigong’s teacher.
Remember to practice regularly than practicing in sporadic sessions.

Try to do one Qigong form that you like, to enjoy doing it.

The main focus of Qigong is eliminating deficiency associated with chronic illness and stagnation ( pain) of your Qi ( energy )
By unlocking Qi vital energy
Qigong opens Qi essential energy nodes in your body.
Through relax stretching, visualization and breathing.

Let Qigong becomes a natural part of your life and personal healthcare program.

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